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MISC: Collaboration, Publications, ...

GENE: General Information [P]
GENE: GSI in total [P]
COLL: The Members [P]
LINK: additional INFO @ CTH, Gothenburg, Sweden [P]
PUBL: Publications from and around our group [P]
TALK: Various talks [I]
REAL: Reality and model assumptions [P]

S034: July 1992, first secondary beam experiment at GSI (halo physics)

S034: Setup @ CaveB [P]
S034: Run Sheets (excerpt) [I]
S034: Cuts used at GSI by Martin P. J. Zinser [P]
S034: Cuts used at CTH by Thomas Nilsson [P]
S034: Neutron Distributions [I]
S034: Fragment Distributions [I]

S135/S132: Oct 1995, second halo physics experiment at CaveB

S135: Setup @ CaveB [P]
S135: Beam time statistics for the new experiment [I]
S135: Run Sheets [I]
S135: Transmission FRS-CaveB calculated by H. Irnich with GICO [I]
S135: Triggers in Experiment [I]
S135: The Runtime-Database (how to work with ~) [I]
S135: RDB entries of this beam time [I]
S135: Structure of BCTR bank [I]
S135: History of the HeLiBe - Ntuples [I]
S135: How to calibrate TOF-Wall [I]
S135: scaler data ( very preliminary ) [P]

MISC: Some experiment independent things

PAW.: Known Features in PAW analysis program [P]
PAW.: New Features in PAW analysis program [P]
PAW.: (External) Functions/Commonblocks from PAW [P]
CERN: CERNs Libraries
TECH: ALADIN (tracking parameters) [P]
TECH: How to check COSMIC calibrations [P]
TECH: How to check bananas [I]
TECH: How to randomize 3body phasespace [I]
TECH: Staging experimental data with adsmcli (Not only documentation !) [I]
ADMI: General Store Catalogue ("Lagerliste") [P]

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