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Safety Instructions

S221_2002 - Experiment

Physics Program

Measurements with radioactive 132Sn (and neighbouring nuclei) beam: The proposal for 132Sn beam is here (2.7Mb postscript file)
The proposal for neutron skin measurement is here (2.4Mb postscript file)
In total 63+15 shifts are allotted.

Status (21 Oct 2002)
  1. The beam is on the target since several days!!! Primary U beam intensity is of the order of 5*108 ions/spill
  2. First Online Isotope

S221_2002 beamtime

Oct 11 - Oct 14
136Xe beam via FRS

Oct 14* - Oct 30
238U primary beam, 132Sn and neighbouring nuclei as secondary beam from FRS (*) Please note that the change from Xe to Sn will probabely take about one day, so there might be no beam on monday 14 Oct.

    Tentative Beam Schedule
    Tentative Shift Schedule ( Excel )
    List of Participants ( Excel )

Manual for tuning the 136Xe and 132Sn beams via FRS to Cave B (postscript)

HowTo - important during preparations and the beam time

More information/Documentation:
A list of borrowed equipment

Participants should ensure to obey the GSI-Safety-Regulations and to provide the required documents.
For special safety instructions concerning the present experiment, please contact H.Emling.
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