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Dipole response of nuclei at the neutron dripline around 24O.

(see proposals:PROPOSAL_OXYGEN_1999.TEX (21kB) or PROPOSAL_OXYGEN_1999.PS (1750 kB))


Schedulded for Nov. 20th - Dec. 18th 2000.

Dear Collaborators of S233-experiment,

The final beam-schedule at GSI placed our experiment for the period Nov. 20 - Dec. 18 this year, to most extent in parallel to the therapy program. In more detail:

Nov. 20 - 22:
12C beam in cave B for test of setup and calibrations (during day in parallel to therapy, during night standalone)
Nov. 24 - Dec. 12:
40Ar primary beam at FRS, secondary beam at cave B (only during night)
Dec. 13 - 18:
40Ar primary beam at FRS, secondary beam at cave B (day and night)

Preparations already started.

We appreciate your participation.

Participants should ensure to obey the GSI-Safety-Regulations and to provide the required documents.
For special safety instructions concerning the present experiment, please contact H.Emling.